USM Affiliate Banners

Share the Ultimate Social Media plugin with your friends & followers and earn 40% (!) in referral commissions for every sale!

Below you find a range of banners you can pick from. Just right-click on it and save it on your local drive, then upload it to your website, and link it to your referral link which you generated on Sellcodes (to do that, go to the Premium Plugin's offer page, click on "Share & earn cash" next to the title, and follow the steps).

We wish you (and us!) many referrals! ;)

Banner 1-A
Banner 1-B
Banner 1-C
Banner 2-A
Banner 2-B
Banner 2-C
Banner 2-D
Banner 2-E
Banner 2-F
Banner 3-A
Banner 3-B
Banner 3-C
Banner 3-D
Banner 3-E
Banner 3-F
Banner 4-A
Banner 4-B
Banner 4-C
Banner 4-D
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