Shortcut icons to specific sections of your website

The Premium Plugin allows you to place icons that send visitors to different areas of your website which matter most to you. Help your site visitors to quickly find answers to their questions, without needing to scroll endlessly or search for the relevant page in your main menu. A single click on an icon will take them exactly where they want to go:
 – Shopping Cart –


– Homepage –


– Gallery –


– About us –


– Useful info –


– Help –


– Appointments/Bookings –


– Blog –


– Donate –


Other advantages:

  • Placing the icons on your site is super-easy
  • Your site keeps loading fast
  • All functions are optimized for maximum shares and traffic
  • The icons look good on mobile too
  • From 24.98 USD only
The plugin has been downloaded over 1 million times and has the best reviews on WordPress by far.
And: There is no risk – if something doesn’t work on your site we’ll fix it, or provide a full refund 🙂
Sounds cool, I want it!
Still have questions? Please ask us.
Note: We didn’t include the icons above into the plugin files because it would blow up the size of the plugin. Please raise a support ticket so that we can send you the icons by email.
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