Postage-Themed Icons

The Premium Plugin allows you to place social media icons on your website matching your theme!
Not only do the icons look nice, but are more eye-catching as they fit the topic of your site, triggering more engagement and more shares!
You can pick from the following designs:

All design styles are available for the following platforms: Click here to see the full list

The plugin gives you tons of options how you can show the icons, for example you can…

...and many other features!

Other advantages:

  • Placing the icons on your site is super-easy
  • Your site keeps loading fast
  • All functions are optimized for maximum shares and traffic
  • The icons look good on mobile too
  • From 29.98 USD only
The plugin has been downloaded over 1 million times and has the best reviews on Wordpress by far.
And: There is no risk – if something doesn’t work on your site we’ll fix it, or provide a full refund :)
Still have questions? Please ask us.
Note: We didn’t include the icons above into the plugin files because it would blow up the size of the plugin. Please raise a support ticket so that we can send you the icons by email.
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