On May 25th 2018 the new EU data protection law “GDPR” came into effect. On this page you’ll find relevant information about how GDPR affects our plugins.

Basic principle: our plugins do not collect any of your visitor’s personal information

Many social media plugins collect user information if your visitors click on the social media icons (often to sell this information to third party companies for profit). Our plugins do not do that. This makes it much easier to be GDPR compliant.

One exception: we set cookies for certain pop-up selections

One feature in our plugins is to show a pop-up. The pop-up itself doesn’t set any cookies, however when you select to show the pop-up…

  • Once X seconds the user arrived on the site

– or –

  • Only show the pop-up max. once to the same user every X days/weeks (this option is available in the Premium Plugin)

…then our plugins set cookies, as otherwise those selections wouldn’t be possible.

In order to be GDPR compliant you have the following options:

A) Inform your website visitors that cookies are used on your website. Please make users aware of your privacy policy and mention there that you use cookies for that purpose.

B) Don’t use the pop-up selections mentioned above (then no cookies will be applied)

C) Don’t use pop-ups at all

Social media sites may track visitors where embedded codes are used

Some features in our plugins use embedded codes as provided by social media sites. This means that as soon as the visitor arrives on your site, the embedded codes are loaded, and Facebook et al. get to know your visitor’s IP. This is also the case if you use the “Share” button provided by Addthis which allows you to share to various other sites.

In other words: our plugin facilitates the use of features as they are provided by social media sites. If you want to avoid the tracking of social media sites altogether, do not use features which are only possible with the use of embedded codes (e.g. Facebook like, Youtube subscribe etc.).

For sharing features, in our Premium Plugin we offer to replace the embedded codes with one-link sharing solutions, so that for sharing also no embedded codes are needed.

If you already use the Premium Plugin, please raise a support ticket at the top of the plugin’s settings page so that we do a check where you currently use embedded codes and suggest solutions. If you’re not using the Premium Plugin yet, you can get it here.

Note: This article, and any suggestions we make for you to be GDPR compliant, do not constitute legal advice. If you have any legal questions about GDPR, please seek professional legal counsel. 

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