Icons don’t show

Please ensure you actually placed them. The Premium Plugin makes placing icons especially easy.

Also, please check:

  • If you have a cache plugin installed. If so, please de-activate it temporarily to see if that fixes it
  • If you placed them via widget, double check that your theme actually supports widgets
  • That you clicked on “Save” after making the selections on the plugin settings page

If only some icons show, i.e. like this…

Only some icons showing

…then please clear your cache, and check if you may have conflicting browser extensions (e.g. “Disconnect”-app in Chrome). In addition, Ad-Blockers are known culprits; please switch them off temporarily to see if that is the reason.

If the icons still do not show then there is most likely an issue with your theme. Either contact the creator of your theme, or ask us for support as part of our Premium Plugin.

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